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: Wowsers! Doc Searls (who must be in some sense the plural of philosopher of consciousness John Searle) points to a fascinating editorial on venture capitalists, the group whom engineers as a whole regard with that particular brand of contempt in which Marxism holds capitalists in general. It was better than Cats. I'm going to read it again and again.

I just commited a tiny bug fix to the Apache XML-RPC server. I have little bits of code in about 5 different projects now.

: Today I started a new component called Picayune (Bloom County reference) to hold Helm's news item functionality. Earlier I'd finished all the component UI integration framework (at least, all the integration that was neccessary to completely separate the document component from Helm instead of halfway separating it the way Jason did; more may be neccessary for other components). So now I can start moving code for creating software artifacts out of Helm and into components, where such code belongs.


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