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: CollabNet inks development deals with Motorola, Mozilla. This is what I've been working on for the past three months, or however many it's been.

: Leonardonics bonanza! Four new entries: "alleged", "And by x, I mean y", "Lie justification footnote", and "Put it in Issuezilla". The cup of personal slang overflows!

: YES!!! Kris has blindsided me with a revival of Addicted to Vaudeville! I can only hope he goes all the way with it.

Oddly enough, I do not have a transcription of the original Addicted to Vaudeville online. It must have been in NYCBs earlier than the ones I converted to NewsBruiser format. It's just as well, actually--otherwise the punchline would be spoiled for you (assuming Kris even uses the same punchline, which is doubtful; this is probably just a one-time gag).

: Today was Celeste's first day at work. I got an email from her this morning, which was a nice surprise, but haven't heard from her since then. I hope I get to talk to her tonight.

: Celeste is working in Building 27, which was bizarrely broken into in late 1998. She says that the whole embedded division is in that building, and that she has an office with a wonderful view of the parking lot.

: Okay, I am definitely going to mail Jake's tape to him tomorrow. I have the stamps and I have his address. I will send it tomorrow. I will address the envelope and walk down to the mailbox and drop it in. Then I'll feel better about pointing to the page I made for it.

: Heads up: robotfindskitten may be due for an appearance on Memepool in the near future. I got a reference to it from the Memepool admin interface.


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