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: Yup, there it is.

: Jake's tape is on its way. Jake's tape is here to stay. Its page will be put up when Jake receives it.

: Dispatch from Mike:

the author does not hide his OS bias well:

"The resellers -- a bunch of no-nonsense businessmen and not your typical artsy-fartsy Macintosh types -- were impressed by his candor."


Hey hey, check this out. I also got a dispatch from professional Internet personality Greg Knauss, a sob story on his failure to win (ie. to enter) the original robotfindskitten contest. It's actually an interesting story--most stories peripherally involving the 3rd Street Promenade are interesting, I've found--and I will put it in /mail pending his approval.

: Wow (from the commit message for Thom's patch to CVS): 1.3 +47042 -775 helm/cvspatches/collab-new-perms.patch

: A general plea: please do not send mail to leonardr@ucla.edu anymore. As of January 29, UCLA will stop forwarding such mail to me. Send email to leonardr@segfault.org instead.

Degeneracy testing proceeds apace. I'm getting Kevin to test it, and also Oriel D. Maxine, who enjoyed Guess the Verb! and offered to beta test "any future game [I] might write". Well, he's getting his wish... ah ha ha ha ha! I really don't know why that situation called for evil laughter.


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