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: Hey hey! Today I met Sumana Harihareswara of Crummy-readership fame! She was in the CollabNet office with her professor/advisor (?) to interview James Barry and Brian. My long-term goal is to flummox Brian by giving him a false perception of my celebrity by having people who come into the CollabNet office for some unrelated reason ask to see me. So far it's working out great. Keep it up, folks!

Sumana wears (wore) a pocket protector with the logo of a Linux company on it. 200 points!

: Helm Pagination HOWTO. Live the adventure! More exciting developer docs coming soon!

: You can now see the teaser page for the new game, although you might as well not, since there's incredibly little information on there (thus, "teaser page").

I drew that graphic all by myself (in Killustrator). I'm very proud. There's one component missing which I was unable to draw; Mike may be filling it in, or recreating the drawing from scratch, in which case the graphic on that page may change. I sort of like this one, though. It's very abstract.

Mike sent me a couple transcripts which expose about a million things I left out of the game. I'll be busy tonight, that's for sure.

: Went to yoga class today from 12 to 1. I am going to be *so* sore tomorrow. I don't feel sore now but I can feel it coming.

: Thanks to Manoj, I have a great new word: "pseudofish". Unfortunately the word describes that annoying plaque-mounted singing fish, so I am disinclined to use it.

: Mike's transcripts have turned up about 70 bugs in Degeneracy. I'll fix the easy ones tonight.

: 23 bugs fixed, 52 left. Time to sleep.


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