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: Confusing Hypothetical Watch:

To most of us the inner workings of a computer are a complete mystery, but imagine if they were smaller than a grain of sand?

Huh? How would that make it easier?

: I got more spam (in English) from Jihad Baydoun, and just before that I got some Turkish spam. I wonder if there's any sort of futures market for spam from different regions.

: When I was a kid there were little plastic dinosaurs which you bought and with them you engaged in dinosaur play. Nowadays there are plastic dinosaurs but now they're animatronic Jurassic Park III branded dinosaurs (they have JP tattoos on them) and they come with flesh wounds. Their ribs are sticking out! Apparently if two Jurassic Park III branded dinosaurs see each other they will immediately start fighting, and the flesh wounds are to lend credence to the fighting.

I'm not saying that dinosaurs didn't do their share of fighting when I was a kid. I just don't think it's a good idea to build it into the toy at such a visceral level.

: Oh, also there was a dinosaur (Spinosaurus or something; a species I'd never heard of) which said on its box "Biting action!". But all the text was also on the box in French and Spanish, so it also said, "Il mord!". I found this very funny.


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