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The Story So Far: So. A few days ago, someone took advantage of the ancient Chinese sshd installed on the machine that hosts Segfault and Crummy (not to mention Scott's site) to deface the Segfault main page. I un-defaced Segfault and tried to get in contact with the VA folks. The VA guy who I'd talked to in the past (David Ford) turns out no longer to be at VA; he's been laid off, as has anyone else who might have concievably been in charge of that machine. So we were basically screwed as far as went fixing the problem. Fortunately, David knew the root password to the machine; he gave Scott and myself accounts on a machine he hosts, and agreed to host our sites in the short term. The next day, the Segfault machine was off the net. I don't know if VA took it off or if someone exploited the same sshd vulnerability and typed 'halt". I have a full backup of Crummy and an up-to-date dump of the Segfault database. I don't have the Segfault source code, and Scott didn't get Netsplit backed up in time. So Crummy can go back up pretty soon, but Segfault is down until we get the code back or write new code; and Netsplit is down unless Scott gets his content back.

Glasses glasses glasses glasses glasses: This evening I picked up my glasses. I can definitely notice the difference when looking at a computer screen, not so much when not looking at a computer screen. I had glasses when I was very young, but I stopped wearing them around grade six because I looked like a nerd. Looking like a nerd is no longer a real liability for me, and these glasses are more stylish than the big round ones I had back then (not that I know anything about such things). Two funny glasses stories, from the early years when my family lived in LA.

  1. I successfully evaded getting glasses several times by memorizing the eye chart so that I could read off the letters with my good eye closed. Eventually my mother or the optometrist caught on to this scheme.
  2. Between our house and the optometrist's office was a seafood restaurant the entrance canopy of which was shaped like a whale with its mouth wide open; the sort of silly restaurant design you see in "Only in LA" collections. The time Susanna got her glasses, on her trip home wearing them she was very startled and exclaimed "The whale has an eye!" She'd never seen the whale's eyes before.


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