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The world reacts: My co-workers have decided that my new glasses and haircut make me look like an up-and-coming college professor. &lt;kmaples> should we get him a tweed jacket?
&lt;kmaples> with elbow patches?
&lt;stack> giggle.
&lt;stack> whats his specialty?
&lt;kmaples> that's a good q ...
&lt;stack> critical theory for sure.... he's some kind of pomo-head. Loves derrida and baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari
&lt;kmaples> foucault
&lt;stack> Soon as he starts talking, we glaze over.
&lt;kmaples> something w/ russian lit, too
&lt;stack> Yeah for sure. Speaks french...
&lt;kmaples> something something false information theory
&lt;stack> yeah. claude shannon, the internet and structuralism.
&lt;kmaples> author of such works as 'Tissue: a critical analysis of the social import of phelgm in the 19th century'
&lt;stack> And "Poop: Paris pavements and canine restraint: 1992-1993 1/2".
&lt;kmaples> ooohh ... that's about to become a hotbed of controversy again, too
&lt;stack> Yes... his work is the reference for that whole new area of study: Hence the young professorship.
&lt;kmaples> I can see deep explorations into the relationships between the scatologocial and the social animal
&lt;stack> All of the academy is talking about him.
&lt;kmaples> 'that leonardr - he really knows his shit!'

I shot the albatross: Yesterday's Doggone Funny is doggone Lovecraftian:

Jack Cornelison of Mission Viejo, CA, had a Lhasa Apso named Kudjo and a cockatiel named Sassy. The bird learned how to imitate the dog's bark. When the dog was sleeping on his favorite pillow, the bird would walk behind him and bark. The dog would chase the bird and the bird would fly and bark... endlessly.

I think I am going to have a nightmare on this subject tonight. The bird, its huge bloodshot eyes, the eternal voyage around and around the house, barking... barking... barking...


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