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The world reacts: My co-workers have decided that my new glasses and haircut make me look like an up-and-coming college professor. &lt;kmaples> should we get him a tweed jacket?
&lt;kmaples> with elbow patches?
&lt;stack> giggle.
&lt;stack> whats his specialty?
&lt;kmaples> that's a good q ...
&lt;stack> critical theory for sure.... he's some kind of pomo-head. Loves derrida and baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari
&lt;kmaples> foucault
&lt;stack> Soon as he starts talking, we glaze over.
&lt;kmaples> something w/ russian lit, too
&lt;stack> Yeah for sure. Speaks french...
&lt;kmaples> something something false information theory
&lt;stack> yeah. claude shannon, the internet and structuralism.
&lt;kmaples> author of such works as 'Tissue: a critical analysis of the social import of phelgm in the 19th century'
&lt;stack> And "Poop: Paris pavements and canine restraint: 1992-1993 1/2".
&lt;kmaples> ooohh ... that's about to become a hotbed of controversy again, too
&lt;stack> Yes... his work is the reference for that whole new area of study: Hence the young professorship.
&lt;kmaples> I can see deep explorations into the relationships between the scatologocial and the social animal
&lt;stack> All of the academy is talking about him.
&lt;kmaples> 'that leonardr - he really knows his shit!'

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