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Driving, driving, driving: A Thanksgiving weekend has been planned for me which involves a lot of driving, of which I am not fond. I was prepared for the traditional trip to my aunt's house in Merced, but it turns out that I'm also going to have to drive from Merced to Bakersfield, and then home from Bakersfield. Oh well. I have it better than Susanna, who has to drive from Utah. Apart from the driving, I anticipate an enjoyable Thanksgiving. And the drive to Bakersfield will not be so bad if I can convince one of my family members to be with me in the car. The food: it's always the same things, and it's always great. I like this. It's like an assertion of culinary competence on the part of my family.

You may end your turn early!: Sumana very kindly gave me a copy of the most recent GAMES magazine, of which I am a big fan. I am a particularly big fan of this particular issue of GAMES, because it's their end-of-year edition and has little reviews of a buncha buncha physical games.

I find these reviews very enjoyable; I had always known, in an academic sense, that there were games beyond the basic Scrabble/Monopoly/AD&D/Axis and Allies sort of game that everyone has, but until fairly recently I had always associated such games with one-off gimmickiness rather than, say, fun. This was because I'd always encountered such games at secondhand stores and yard sales, where dull games go to die. So even though I now know about and even own games outside of the basic set, I still really enjoy reading about new games.

These particular reviews are slightly annoying because the review always ends with some lame joke on the name or subject matter of the game. Also, the game reviewers get more excited about certain game features than I think is healthy. The review for a German game called Die Nuene Entdecker (The New Discoverers) says "You may end your turn early!" and that's the only sentence in the review to be punctuated with an exclamation mark. Somehow I don't think that's the most exciting thing about Die Nuene Entdecker.

I never thought I'd see this sentence:

This clip of singing orcs... does little to convey the evil land of Mordor.


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