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Back-to-normal distribution: Susanna and I played a lot of Illuminati over the weekend. In two consecutive games I saw two special wins I'd never seen before; Susanna won as the Servants of Cthulu by destroying eight groups, and I won as the Network by acquiring 25 points of transferable power.

The drive home was very easy and non-crowded, except for a fifteen-mile stretch of the 152 highway which took me three hours to get through. Argh.

Gas in Bakersfield was as low as 93 cents a gallon. Thanks, Russia! In San Francisco it's $1.65, which is much lower than the $2.00+ it was this summer but still disproportionately higher than in Bakersfield.

The crummy.com domain is serving pages again (I moved onto another server (thanks, David!), but it's not really set up properly and the CGIs don't work yet. I'm hoping to spend some time on that in the near future.

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