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: Be Dope was the inspiration for Segfault, and somewhere along the way was born my friendship with Be Dope editor Mike Popovic. He wrote some Segfault stories, I wrote some Be Dope stories (too lazy to find and link to them), he beta-tested Guess The Verb!, I went to his beach parties and ate his veggie burgers, etc. etc. As fate would have it, I became the author of the very last paragraph to be published on Be Dope.

But the Leonard/Mike collaboration will not end with the retirement of Be Dope. Oh no. Devoted NYCB readers (such as myself) will remember that Mike holds the lofty position of Vice-President in charge of Pig Exposure for Degeneracy, which one day I actually hope to work on. I also may be making contributions to Mike's post-Be Dope project.

I don't really know how to end this entry. I just sort of wanted to mark the passing of Be Dope. Streethouse Rock is over now.

: I added A Credit To His Demographic to my list of completed albums, fixed some typos and put up a lyrics sheet. So that's done, at least. Don't miss 100 Amazing Facts About Jake Berendes.

In David Brin's Uplift series, there is a species known as the hoon. Hoons have spiny vertebrae which break off during puberty and are replaced, sort of like baby teeth. I mention this because my vertebrae feel like they're about to become separated and break off and later be replaced. I don't know whether Wednesday yoga is alleviating this feeling or making it worse.

: My next musical project: Finish The Age of Reason, a three-part dream-spawned song cycle that I wrote on a dare. It should be fairly easy, as I have to write a mere four lines and it's done. Unfortunately, "The train from Tehachapi came in on time" will not be one of those lines.

Only one other person in the whole world will get that joke. Fortunately, she reads NYCB. Hi, mom.

: Welcome to the Kripke! There's a point I'd like to make for you... a minimal fixed point, that is! Ah hahahaha!


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