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: My Be Dope stories: Be Assures Users: Your Ass Is Safe (1999/07/01), Be's Tim Self Deallocated in Freak Accident (2000/07/25), eVilla vs. Godzilla (2001/01/11). I was going to label them with prefixes such as "The surreal" and "The rather silly", but all three are surreal and rather silly.

: It occured to me that "The train from Tehachapi came in on time" could in fact be two of the four lines I'm missing to complete The Age of Reason, as it fits the rhythm and rhyme scheme. It would make absolutely no sense, but since when did songs have to make sense? What?!?! Damn you, George W. Bush, and your squirrely executive orders!

: This is all-out HO-scale wackiness: the Toho Light Opera Scrapbook: Sketches from the HMS Pinafore. You also get The Mikado, without cost or obligation.

: I engaged in an elaborate knapsack problem duel with Amazon today, in an attempt to get as much use out of my about-to-expire $100 gift certificate as possible without having to divert any of my own money to the patentmongering malignancy that is Amazon. Through clever addition and deletion of variously-priced P.G. Wodehouse books, I got it to around $97 and then realized that I still had to pay shipping. So they got about $15 from me for that. Oh well.

Note that I spent the entire gift certificate on books for myself. All rumors that I also bought books for someone else are misleading and ill-founded. Not to mention pernicious.

(NYCB antiquarians: I was granted the Amazon gift certificate about a year ago, for whomping on some technical tests at CollegeHire.)


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