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: Sub Accident Forces Godzilla Off TV. I prefer the interpretation of that headline which goes like this:

Newsreader: We now go to Godzilla in our Monster Island studios.
[Cut to Godzilla.]
[Meanwhile, on the sub...]
Mate: We're headed straight for that transcontinental television feed!
Captain: Arr, Godzilla, I'll best ye yet!

: Jason Robbins and Kevin Maples graduated from the same high school in the same year. How about that?

: Even if this tiny patch were the only patch I'd committed today, today would have been a productive day. That's how useful (in the stop-hitting-yourself-with-a-hammer sense) that patch is. The truth is, I committed lots of other patches today, so my productivity today is so great that it cancels out the fact that Brian has seemingly spent all day finding "all your base are belong to us" graphics to paste into IRC.

: Oh yeah, don't forget yesterday's opus, The Helm Peer Port And You.


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