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: Adam sent me an MP3 of him and Kris, a song called "Shakin' All Over". It's very 80s. I like it. Thanks, Adam! Kris, I'm still trying to get an interview for you at CollabNet.

: Hello. I am a hedgehog. Hedgehogs as pets are illegal in California, unfortunately, but I do have a story to tell of contraband California hedgehogs. A sister of a friend of mine picked up a pet hedgehog while living outside of California, and she once smuggled it into and back out of California inside her sweater. That is the contraband hedgehog story. I cannot name names because round these parts they have a hangin' in store for hedgehog rustlers.

: Celeste is moving from her temp housing today. She was going to call me but I thought I was going to be at home all day and it turns out I had to go to work to brainstorm with Jon Stevens. I hope she gets the message I left her on her cell phone. She got a new cell phone and I don't know if she's keeping the old service because it's the one she had in LA.


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