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: So last night I joined Brian, Manoj, Jason (Robbins), Elice, and professional new guy Mike Sussman at TGI Fridays. That place has the worst food I've ever tasted in my life. That's a slight exaggeration, but man. My grade school cafeteria had better food.

However, complaining about the food at TGI Fridays is not the point of this entry. The point of this entry is twofold. First, on the knapsack problem game front, I discussed the possibility with Jason. We think that a game could be developed which does for the knapsack problem what Tetris does for the bin-packing problem. Research is still continuing in this area, but consensus is that a game involving different liquids might work..

Second is a technique I came up with for expressing your wealth as a complex number so as to avoid depression when your stock options tank. Your real wealth is your actual liquid assets. Your imaginary wealth is the current potential value of your options and whatnot. Money you have locked up in stocks and bonds and the like should probably go into real wealth, but I'm not sure.

I was subjected to severe grilling for this plan as people tried to come up with situations where you would square your wealth and end up with a negative number. But I really don't think there's ever a situation where you multiply a sum of money by another sum of money. Let me know if you can come up with one.

: Hey hey! Katzdot is mentioned in this Register story!

: Excellent! Kris found pictures from the Voynich Manuscript!

: Exclamation of joy! Descriptive text leading up to link!


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