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: Why, if you want your website to make money, you should run it by yourself and from your bedroom (with case study): here.

: Yesterday I got my usual trip-to-the-mall haul; lunch at Olive Garden, some books, a Godzilla video (Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster). I also got a tape with all the Hitchhiker's Guide TV episodes; I saw the first three on the Sci-Fi Channel many years ago but fell asleep before it finished. If I had my way, there would be a Supreme Court decision corresponding to every Godzilla movie: Godzilla v. Mechagodzilla, Godzilla v. King Ghidorah, etc. "The court finds in favor of... Godzilla!"

My big literary find yesterday was The Pope's Rhinoceros by Lawrence Norfolk. Pro: use of the Albrecht Durer rhinoceros woodcut on the cover, sixteenth-century setting. Con: previous authorship by this writer of another historical novel with the same sort of title (Lempriere's Dictionary), comparison to Umberto Eco on the back blurb. I must admit that the Eco comparison is what got me off the fence and got me to buy the book, but it also makes me wary of the contents. It seems to me that only bad things can come of being the sort of writer who is compared to Umberto Eco, but who is not actually Umberto Eco.

I also bought a Dover Introduction to Topology, because it was cheap and I feel I don't know enough (ie. anything) about topology. Dover books have a way of making me feel intellectually inferior; this may be part of their charm. The Dover books are the good twin of the For Dummies series.

: Lovely headline: Fakegifts.com duo plead guilty to selling fake gifts.


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