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: I made a big "to do" list of all the people and organizations I have to call to get information and tax forms and whatnot, but it had no effect on me other than to make me feel guilty about not making the calls. Usually a list will make me work to check things off the list, but not this time. Hopefully tomorrow.

I tried to buy a computer today, but once again the people who should by rights rejoyce that I want to give them a large amount of money, did not do so. My debit card wouldn't clear (is there a purchase amount beyond which you cannot use a debit card?) so I had to send them a check. So *eventually* I will have a new computer. It will probably take a couple weeks even though the folks who will eventually provide it are right here in San Francisco.

Supposedly, I have $1500 of student loans I was supposed to start paying off in January. I'd like to pay them off and get it over with, but I haven't heard from the people who are supposed to be collecting the money. I'm worried that rather than trying to contact me, they have chosen the more expedient route of silently tarnishing my credit record. So I have to hunt them down. I don't even remember who financed the loan, which makes it difficult to pay it. As usual, URSA is no help at all.


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