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: Tenative woohoo! The order for my computer has been accepted and I should get the computer proper by Tuesday! Dan has looked over the manifest and approves of the goods.

: At long last, I have scripts which will convert the hokey old database for Tigris Classic (the ancient [Chinese] version of Tigris running on tigris.org) into the shiny new database for Tigris 1.0. I've been working, at home and here at work, for the past 18 hours (not 18 hours on this one thing). It feels good to be done, or close enough to done that the remaining things can only be done by co-workers. It's also a good feeling to see tigris.org running on Tigris 1.0 in my sandbox (we're going to upgrade the real tigris.org soon, though not as soon as I would like). I'm not even tired, though that will probably happen once I get home.

Happy Saturday. I have to check in tomorrow (later today) to make sure our test run goes okay (we're upgrading an internal site), but I don't plan on doing a whole lot. I hope I can get rid of those twenty-odd (twenty odd) Degeneracy bugs this weekend.


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