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: Cam, thank you for linking to the McSweenifier so that I can pretend that people who come here from your site are going there and not to the Transformers evolution debate you linked to the day before.

: Thanks to Mike for (at long last...I had to wait, what, two days?) the new McSweenifier graphic. The beehive was my idea, but Mike's masterful rendition of it was all his own. Well, it was ripped off from clip art, but if I say that then I'm not properly showing my gratitude towards Mike.

The power went out at work today, so I couldn't really get any work done. Fortunately I'd already gotten quite a bit of work done, having started work at 5 and accomplished in a few hours what I thought was going to take me two days. I'm not very good at estimating how long it will take me to complete a task, obviously. I went home when the power came back on, in hopes of working from home, but the power there must have gone off again, because I can't reach any of the dev machines.

: I neglected to mention that I got an address to send a check to such that the balance of my student loans ($1538 and change) will be erased. Yay! The check will be sent off tomorrow.

: Pluto: still an alien disco ball?


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