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: I don't know why the kids today need their "Napster" and their "Britney Spears" when they could just sit and listen to Last Transmission From Starbase XY003 all day. That link is to a rock opera, half the work of Pete Peterson, which rocks the rock opera world like an opera of some sort. Or a cookie or something. Did I pull a quote from the web page? No? Then I will:

Were they trying to send us a message, encoded in tune? Were the absurd lyrics encrypted messages sent to warn Star Command? Were they just delirious? Were they just a couple of down-home boys who couldn't resist a good tune and a microphone?

The combination of 70s pop culture and science fiction is so seamless that you almost forget that the science fiction is just more 70s pop culture. In fact, that's probably why it works so well.


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