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: Mike sent this to me with the subject: "Grocery store sells food - news at 11":

"We are very excited that a leading chain like A&P has taken on the line. The national rollout and enthusiastic acceptance of `The Wizard of Oz' marshmallows continues to be most positive."

It's almost three years old. How did he find that? The world may never know.

: Here are pictures I took yesterday. The first pictures are of my new boss, Steve Zwaska, showing Daniel Rall and myself the high-powered rocket parts he had in the back of his vehicle. The last two are horribly overexposed and were taken later, at the aforedreaded CrackMonkey night. Nick Moffitt is playing the Degeneracy beta in the second-to-last picture, though you'd never know it.

I also put up some older pictures from last month, when my uncle took me skiing, just because they were there. ("there" == "my home directory")

: I am a soapdish.

: The Degeneracy pig is annoying. Degeneracy is annoying. I'm so glad I can (hopefully) finish it tomorrow. Then you, the general public, can be annoyed by it.

: I withdraw my complaint about the pig. It is not annoying. I just don't know how to use the stuff Inform gives me.


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