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: In my never-ending quest for more ways of wasting time, I have found Bob: Space Guy!. A classy, fast-paced ncurses shoot-em-up for which the winning strategy is, unfortunately, all too apparent (I, not known for my arcade prowess, beat all twelve waves on my third try). However, the mere fact that I'm judging it on its merits as a game, rather than as a programming exercise, means that it's far superior to robotfindskitten II, my own foray into the genre.

: I have yet to blind Nick Moffitt with science, but I have managed to annoy him with Degeneracy. His experience today gave the lie to my assumption that you would be unable to win without figuring out the game. Apparently my puzzles are too well clued. Who'd have thought?

I have an idea as to how to plant the neccessary seed in the player's mind, but it's going to have to go into the second release candidate tomorrow.


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