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: From this Infoworld article:

The technology, dubbed Visual Net, works much like a paper-based map in that users click on a region, such as Literature, and that leads them to a map containing more options within the category.

That is to say, the technology works absolutely nothing like a paper-based map.

: Cedric sent me an enormous Degeneracy transcript which, at 136K, is only slightly smaller than the Degeneracy Z-code binary itself. He found two huge bugs, both of which I may or may not have now fixed, and about 35 minor bugs, 28 of which I have fixed. I probably won't release it tomorrow, but hopefully sometime this week.

: By the way, if for some odd reason you like this recent NYCB stretch, where all I do is talk about the status of software I'm writing, take a look at mid-May 2000, when I was writing a compiler for my compiler class.

: Any given KayBee's Toys in San Francisco still contains one dozen goo-vomiting Jabba the Hutt dolls. They've been marked down to $3. I can't understand why nobody is buying them. I bought another one today; you can't have too many puking Jabbas! They make great gifts, and if I can't give it to anyone, I can keep Jabba encased in the carbonite that is his plastic case, and eBay it for big bucks when today's preteens are nostalgic twentysomethings.

: "Steel Hose Reels are the choice of pros". Who exactly are the relevant pros here?

: More tidbits from the junk mail catalog I got: "Don't deface your yard with a permanent basketball goal." Yeah, basketball goals are such eyesores.


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