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: Headline I've been unable to think of a way to make into a story appropriate for Segfault:

Electromechanical Singing Fish Inexplicably Sings "Let Me Die!"

: Yesterday I got two Young Ones tapes, the Red Zone Cuba MST3K, and Destroy All Monsters!, the Godzilla epic which apparently has more gigantic monsters per capita than any other film ever made. I am fully cogniscent that even this blizzard of rubber-suited destruction will not make me happy, and this (further) depresses me somewhat. Rather than not being made happy by cheesy 1960s Godzilla movies, I would prefer to not be made happy by large amounts of money and the ownership of small tropical islands.

I have amassed great wealth and power, yet I still am unhappy. Why?

I have watched Godzilla whomp on Rodan and the ankylosaur-like Anguirus, yet I still am unhappy. Why?

You see the difference?

: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Koopa Troopas and Octoroks. Here's a song I wrote about three years ago that I've been playing to myself a lot lately: Frog/Antifrog. It was supposed to go on AYAO?, and it still may if I ever resume work on AYAO?.

Tonight I'm going to implement the results of the Degeneracy usability roundtable, held by Nick and myself. Hopefully tonight's release candidate will be the last.

: Degeneracy RC4 is now in the inboxes of its beta testers. It looks good enough that I will tenatively set the release date to March 30. I need time to write the web page and the Usenet announcement and whatnot. And so to bed...


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