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: From the message accompanying the fifth Degeneracy release candidate: "We should have no more confusion about how to operate the hourglass." That's almost certainly the version that's going out tomorrow. I fixed everything I'm going to fix, and I just need to make some minor changes to the bibliography.

And now... it's sleepin' time!

: Webcomic I enjoy: Narbonic. Today's (guest-authored) strip is the evil parallel-universe version of Jake Berendes West Covina.

: "Over the years he was often confronted with unimaginative administrations that lacked imagination." But how were they on imagination?

: Here's last night's Illuminati game (which I won, making me the reigning champion at a whopping 2 wins).

Wrapping up Degeneracy. Hopefully I'll be able to release it tonight. If not, there's always tomorrow.

: Degeneracy goes online in half an hour.

: Degeneracy. Read it and weep.

: Google's acquiration of Deja means that I can't post my Degeneracy announcement to rec.games.int-fiction. If someone more Usenet-savvy than myself would deign to get in contact with me about posting the announcement on my behalf, I would be eternally grateful towards them.


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