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: I was going to complain that Honey Nut Cheerios does not actually have any nuts in it, but then I looked at the ingredient list and there are crushed almonds in it, so I cannot in good faith complain. I've never tasted the almonds, though.

: I forgot to mention that I got the latest issue of Jake's Interview with a Frankenstein. There is a feature on the menangalan, in which Celeste is given special thanks. I think the best way to get on Jake's good side is to introduce him to some undead creature of which he was previously unaware. It's tough to do, though, because really, when you think "undead monster", you think "Jake Berendes".

: Correction: that should have been "monsters".

: A couple years back, I said that the Lone Gunmen from the X-Files should have their own show. Well, Fox called my bluff. As of tonight, they do have their own show. I'm considering actually watching it, even though it will probably suck. No, I can't be pleased, but thanks for asking.

: I got zero work done on Degeneracy this weekend. I got quite a bit of work done on the LoTechComp game, though. I know my priorities are inverted (I promised Degeneracy this month, the LoTechGame deadline isn't until tax day), but Degeneracy is a drag to work on. I need to just knuckle down and finish it so I will be free of its deadly curse.

The new game is really fun, almost in the same way robotfindskitten is fun. In fact, in a certain, well-defined sense it is MORE FUN than robotfindskitten. Blasphemy? Perhaps. I can't give you the name because if I give you the name then you know exactly what it is; let's call it "The Djinn Game" (doh) for now.

But check it out: I originally wrote it using the default Inform library. It was about 40K. Since almost none of the Inform library functionality was being used in the game, I wrote my own parser loop, taking it down to 7K (including a skeleton narrative). Since then I've added about 3K of text. I can and hope to add arbitrary quantities of text, which is what takes it into the robotfindskitten vein. Before entering the game into the contest I also need to work out a better theoretical underpinning for the game to make it more consistently challenging.


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