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: Doh. Inform sure doesn't make it easy to distribute the source for your games. There's no clear statement as to whether or not you're allowed to distribute modified versions of the library. I was going to distribute library diffs, but it turns out that I wrote Degeneracy with an ancient version of the library and I can't find a pristine version of it anywhere. The latter problem is my fault, but it's excaberated by the Inform licensing madness.

: No rest for the wicked. I just wrote the Python script which generates some important Inform code for the IF game I'm entering in LoTechComp, so now it can be extended by just adding to text files. I'm sending out copies to the usual suspects; let me know if you want to help me add text, robotfindskitten style. The knowledge and skills of history/mythology buffs and AD&D geeks (I still can't bring myself to go back to calling it "D&D") are especially valuable.

My generated code is less space-efficient than my original hand-hacked version; the game is now a whopping 13K (as opposed to the previous 11K).


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