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: Life sort of imitates Segfault.

: Just what I need right now: How to Build A Fort That Girls Will Visit.

: Fully half of the "Tonight's Episode" things I've put on Crummy recently are the doing of Jason Robbins. His artistic facilities seem especially well suited to the Quinn Martin episode title, though it's only occasionally that he comes up with the non sequitur or self-contradictory kind I like.

I'm keeping track of the titles so that once I have a hundred or so I can cycle them the way I cycle the quotes. So far I only have 21.

: This is really cool. Daniel and myself are testing a new infrastructure we wrote that helps you write your app to deploy across multiple JVMs. We've got some classes that let you broadcast data structures across JVMs, and some classes that let you have a cross-JVM singleton. It'll go into Turbine eventually so that everyone can use it.

: The old picture of me in self is over two years old, so today I changed it to a picture taken today by Mike Sussman. Actual Business 2.0 cover! It's ungrammatical, but that's the New Economy for you.


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