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: Crouching Robot, Hidden Kitten

: The (appalling) theme song from the Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers is titled "Everyone Says I Love You". This confused me to no end until I heard it sung. It should really be called "Everyone Says 'I Love You'". Punctuation makes the difference.

The one redeeming feature of the song is that Zeppo sings it at the beginning of the movie and gets it over with, and then at intervals later on the other three brothers perform travesties upon it. Groucho:

Everyone says "I love you"
But just what they say it for I never knew
It's just inviting trouble for the poor sucker who
Says "I love you"

Then the musical phrase that leads into the next stanza sounds like the "Your way, right away" riff in those old (though postdating Horse Feathers) Burger King commercials.

: Susan Kelly was asked yesterday whether vegans were allowed to eat snot. She said "If someone gave it to me of their own free will, then yes, I would eat it." Would, mind you.

Susan meets all the requirements for me to link to her journal on the navbar, but for some reason I've been resisting it. It used to be because her journal was completely illegible, but now only half of it is completely illegible.

: I just realized that there are ancient [Chinese] NYCB entries in which I talk about trivial things that, in hindsight, were indirect triggers of major events in my life. The third entry for 1999-07-12 seems like the best example.


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