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Von Boyage: Sumana leaves for St. Petersburg at 4 PM (Washington time, I assume). I feel as though I should be standing right off the tarmac, waving a tiny flag as her group departs. In other news: Bugzilla asks you to log in using "a legitimate e-mail address" (my italics). You know it's because people complained about not being able to log in with email addresses that were totally bogus and not the ones they had gotten accounts with.

Nothing cleans like dirt:

President Bush told NATO allies the time had come to banish the last vestiges of the Cold War by developing a security framework based on ballistic missile defenses.

Your skin will crawl!*: My mother has the terrifying story of The Mummy!

Update: She sent me several more war stories, so that section is greatly expanded. *Skin may not actually crawl.

There Ain't No Justice: I came up with a great idea for a LRU cache which was capable of resizing itself solely based on frequency of requests, but consensus is that I shouldn't bother and that the cache I have now is smart enough, even though it requires a human to figure out coefficients for a given site. And now, sour grapes: my idea was probably prone to feedback loops that would have made it unworkable, anyway. This entry is so much less interesting than the previous one that it's not even funny.


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