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Woo Frickin Hoo: Crummy is back. Go there.

: Back on the air. As usual, take a peek at crummy.editthispage.com for hot backup site action, including halfhearted Bond movie titles, bad poetry, and true tales of home improvement terror (which tales will be copied onto this site).

I am seriously going to back up all this stuff onto my computer at home.

: A while ago, Sumana came up with the Tonight's Episode "Eenie Meenie Minie Murder". But last night Manoj, lord of the TiVo, informed me that that was the actual title of a That's My Bush! episode. So it can't really be used. Dude, where's my Tonight's Episode? Dude, that's my Bush! <- horrifying glimpse into the world of "Dude, where's my x?" Leonardonics.

: FHW: Darwin Hits Back. Ow, my back!

Actually, the reason humans are so subsceptible to back pain is that we're poorly adapted to bipedality. So... that didn't make it any funnier.

: When you get an appointment for the California DMV, you might think that the appointment gets you is service at the time of the appointment, but you'd be wrong. What it gets you is you get to get a ticket and wait for the ticket ID to be called, at which point you get service; ie. you have an appointment to make an appointment. As far as I can tell the only thing an appointment gets you is it allows you to get the ticket without standing in line.

: Tomorrow I'm going to the Fresno area to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary of my aunt Pat and uncle Alan at some sort of huge party.

Tomorrow is the zeroth wedding anniversary of my coworker and friend Daniel Rall, and his fiancée whose name I don't know how to spell.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the end of my college education.

: I moved my mother's horror story here. Now with an all-new initial chapter!

: Also, I now have a full local backup of Crummy. Did you know that there there are about 550 megabytes of content served from the crummy.com webspace? 450 of those megabytes are MP3s hosted in /music/. Another 50 is pictures in /pix/. Everything else takes up another 50.


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