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: I was dead-set against seeing the Tomb Raider movie, but then I heard about the breathtaking scene in which the Illuminati pay five megabucks to make a privileged attack against New York, and Lara Croft can only save the day by playing her Interference special card. Now that's excitement!

: New poll, courtesy of a conversation I had with Manoj the other day.

: I spent all this morning and most of the afternoon getting rid of the redundant HELM_DOMAIN table. And now I'm exhausted. But that annoying table is *gone*.

: Laundry Day Statistics

I have forty T-shirts. Of these, eighteen are folded the way I like.

: Moved Grunion Time over to crummy.com.

: Ever since I first read it, I've felt remiss that there was no NYCB link to Dogma 2001: A Challenge to Game Designers. Well, now there is one. Because that was it. Doh, you read right past it!


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