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: Excellent ("very accurate and fair"), good ("mostly positive") review of Degeneracy over at SPAG.

: Oh, and, in the same issue, there's (a second) review of Guess The Verb!, this one by Degeneracy victim Cedric Knight.

: FHW: Professor who lied to give up course. Man, the things some people will do to get out of doing work.

: Today's random thought: The Money Store, an organization which I was never really sure what they did, once had (and may still have) as their pitchman former Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer. My question is, what did this guy do to get kicked out of the Hall of Fame?

: Inspired by the Degeneracy review, I finally finished the fixed bug list for Degeneracy. Contains all 300+ bugs fixed since version .31. Wrapup still forthcoming.


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