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: One of the books I read yesterday was David Brin's The Practice Effect. I would have been happy with the first half of the book. But no, he had to go and write the whole thing. I say bah to the rule that the ending of a sci-fi book must contain some staggering revelation. Some people just do things differently. David Brin, of all people, knows this, but he had to put in the staggering revelation to satisfy convention (or possibly to make the book longer).

: On Saturday I saw a Jackie Chan action figure! I considered getting it. But I already have three action figures in use (two Jabbas and a Morn), and several more in a box somewhere in my mother's garage. Action figures are the textbook case of things you don't need that clutter up your life. Unless you have a whole bunch of them and you can make them fight.

: New (old) music: To Barbecue A Span Of Time. MP3 possible later tonight, but probably not.

: No TBaSoT MP3 tonight. I need a damned metronome so I can stay on the doubly-damned beat.

Also, I forgot to put up the quote on the Degeneracy postmortem. It's up now.

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