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Require, Select, Indicate: The machine which hosts crummy.com and segfault.org was taken down by VA following the Sourceforge crack, and who knows when they'll be done scanning it for vulnerabilities and put it back up. So I'm back in the low-rent editthispage district.

Tried to get BeOS 5 working on my new computer yesterday. The readme file said to put the BeOS image in a /beos directory off the root of any ext2 partition, but the boot disk was not aware of this arrangement and wanted to boot off the CD. I could try burning a CD and booting off of that. I just may do that.

None of this would be neccessary if there were a 3dSound equivalent for Linux, but I've given up hope for such a thing unless I write it myself. The sad truth is that average person who makes music using Linux makes a very different kind of music from the kind I make.

Also: after a long absence, I have returned to Terry Pratchett by picking up Equal Rites. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as fun as it used to be. :(


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