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If anyone dasses to risk me fisks: Bad news: burning of BeOS CD was a near-total failure, not total only because I'm fairly sure I did manage to get bits onto the CD-R, something I'd never done before.

Good news: ecasound does almost exactly what I want. The thing that's missing is a GUI that lets me drag waveforms around. Doing it through the command line is a matter of trial and error, but it's not cumbersome and it has the advantage of actually working. It's the only program since 3dSound which passed the first benchmark to which I hold all alleged multitrack recorders, the assembling of disparate .WAV files into my sonic masterpiece Theme And Fantasia On "Popeye The Sailor Man". In addition, I was also able to play and record simultaneously, something I could never get to work on BeOS. Keep your eye on ecasound, folks. It's a winner.

There's a QT module for ecasound but I don't think it's going to do what I want it to do. However, ecasound has surprised me once before.


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