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Deniable plausibility:

Remotely Plausible Dialogue From One of the Later Marx Brothers Movies

No, that's a necklace. I assume you know what a necklace is? CHICO
Shore! I read-a Necklace Shrugged!

Remotely Plausible Excerpt From A Really Bad Historical Romance Their lovemaking raged like the Battle of Hastings would, three hundred and sixty-one years later.

I pluck them from the shore: Two things from the old (mid-1997) Crummy which I'm going to put back up once the current Crummy returns from the dead: Grunion Time, my pre-Jake Berendes West Covina foray into magical realism; also, the Mad Magazine-esque Kris/Leonard spoof Disaster Movies We Wouldn't Like to See. In fact, due to extreme boredom I've posted Grunion Time here on C:TBS. It's not great literature, but at least it makes no sense.


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