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: Computational semiotics is not what I would like a field called "computational semiotics" to be, but I've decided that I can't complain since it's by strict analogy with "computational math". Oh well.

: My mother sent me pictures to go along with her home improvement travail article. I should probably put them up, but I'm too lazy.

: Laziness notwithstanding, some pictures are up.


There are plenty of ersatz Hawaiian shirts out there - fine for a backyard luau, we suppose, but impractical and faintly ridiculous under real tropical conditions. We present the genuine article.

None of this can change the fact that they want $60 for a Hawaiian shirt.

: Just got back from Berkeley, where I'd been to meet with Lia. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Shattuck Theatre. I recommend it. There were a couple scenes that hadn't been remastered and were kind of grainy, and a couple scenes started without audio, but the latter was probably a projection booth glitch.

: I'm wondering, in my idle moments, whether or not the translation of Eco's Baudolino will keep the title Baudolino, or whether there's some English equivalent of that word. It doesn't seem to have a literal translation, and I can't find any references to the word which are not references to the book.

This page says it's a person's name and also says English translation by the end of the year.


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