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: I'm back from meeting Sumana at the airport. Hooray! I'm tired, so I'll retire now. It's a bit of a joke, you see.

Okay, that was bad. I really do need to sleep.

: I made up a new chord progression and tune to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and it's very catchy, but let's face it, there's really no market for new tunes to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic".

: While in Russia, Sumana got me a bootleg copy of Dude, Where's My Car?, horribly dubbed into Russian (some guy reading the script in a monotone dubbed onto the soundtrack). It alleged "Real DVD quality" but it was a regular CD, and it alleged "MPEG 4 Video" but it was actually a very small (in screen size) AVI. We watched it by continuously pushing the key that jumped it forward 20 seconds, and got through it in about 5 minutes. I was surprised to see that it actually had some good sight gags.

mplayer, which we used to view the AVI, is a really neat program. It lets you use Windows media codecs on Linux. Of course the relevant portions of mplayer are not free software (nor are the codecs), but when you're watching bootleg copies of Dude, Where's My Car?, there's really no moral high ground.

The Russian word for "dude" is the first two syllables of "Chewbacca". I find this hilarious.

: So, all this week I've been working on Tigris architecture, which is a lot of fun. My magnum opus is the Helm Component Integration Guide, which talks about how to write software to integrate with Helm and to integrate existing software into Helm. Today I wrote a proposal for cross-component search which I'm pretty proud of, even though I was largely standing on the shoulders of Michael Stack.


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