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: Wow, I haven't worked a 17-hour day for nearly a year.

: His supporters are all little kids?

: How Leonard Prevents Himself From Buying Consumer Electronics

"Hey, that is really cool!"

"By the time you actually need something like that, there will be something ten times cooler available for half the price."

"Oh yeah. I'll wait."

: Today, in addition to (hopefully) fixing once and for all the horrible problem that caused me to work 17 hours yesterday, I (along with Michael Stack) came up with a really cool idea for a new UNIX utility which could be the next cut, nay, the next wc! Stack and I will jealously guard this idea until one of us implements it, so stay tuned.

: The crisis, which I will discuss in my forthcoming tell-all book, for some reason caused the skin of my face to become flaky and red. I don't know why.

Also: I also went to the dentist today for a cleaning. During the cleaning the dentist found a cavity that had previously escaped him. I have to go in on Friday and get it filled. Bah.


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