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: Great Moments in Demographics: First in a Series

I got junk mail from Time offering me "a special offer for senior citizens".

: More crises at work, but while we're hardly out of the woods, we can at least see the way out of the woods.

: Photo Roundup* (I love doing this!):

* I just realized that it's not the AP photo ticker, it's Reuters. So unless "AP" is allowable as a general term for "news wire" in a way similar to kleenex or xerox, "AP Photo Roundup" is innacurate (though it sounds good).

: In another triumph for NewsBruiser (not to mention COPOUT), Mike Popovic has started a new weblog called "mv * Vacationland". It's all about life in Maine. There's little so far, but more will surely be forthcoming.


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