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: Photo wire roundup:

: I almost had 9 issues assigned to me yesterday; that would have been the first time since we started doing issue tracking that my number of assigned issues would have been represented by a single-digit number. However, just as I completed issue #10, a new issue was filed and assigned to me. This morning I have 12 issues. I'm pretty sure I can get to 9 today, though.

: Woohoo! I'm at 9!

: Hey, all you Adam Kaplan fanboys and fangirls. Adam has up career-spanning reviews of the ouvres of Johnathan Richman and Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. Enjoy!

: Poor Kevin:

<leonardr> wait, i know what you could do
<leonardr> use a strongly typed language!

: CRAP. All the Segfault code and stories are probably gone. The hardware was recommissioned. The only hope is that it was archived by someone at VA before that happened. More as the story unfolds.

Update: Chris DiBona is going to find out tomorrow.

: Wow; an incredible story (NYT, so requires registration, but cpunks/cpunks still works) about the Iranian satellite television station broadcasting from LA; I'd known about this for quite a while but it had always been at the periphery of my consciousness, and now that I read about it it's great. Get those people some funding!

: I'm back up to 13 issues. But I did achieve 9 earlier, so I'm not as uptight about it as I was yesterday.

: Good thing I spent all that money while I felt like I had it; turns out I owe my dentist and Uncle Sam a cool grand each.


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