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: My mother on jellyfish:

I read in the paper about some little unfortunate critters washing up-- not jellyfish but a relative. After I saw on your log that you had seen some, I tried to find the article so I could send it to you but no such luck. I looked through both Friday's and Saturday's Californian. I do remember that it said the stingers on their tentacles are not strong enough to penetrate human skin. Apparently they are an open ocean creature, where they are happy unless a freak wind causes them to drift ashore. I felt sorry for them.

: Behold the /stats/ directory! Contains recent (updated every 6 hours) and all-time (updated every day) stats on accessed pages, query destinations (the BoingBoing idea), and an MP3 hit parade for the hosted MP3s. I have no idea why the two most popular MP3s on my site are "Jake's Birthday Party" and "Jake's Birthday Party Drum Loop".

I now have grandiose dreams for, eg., an automatic DSR machine which learns from experience which search results are most disturbing.

: Never used:

Jake Berendes
Simi Valley
Jake Berendes
With picante
El Monte

: Doh; the thing what decides on the filenames isn't timezoned, apparently.

: Working a bit on Segfault recovery; I've transformed the database dump into Formats I Can Use (TM) and am currently trying to figure out a way to get stuff out of the Wayback Machine. It looks like most of the stories are in there, which is a good sign.

1406 stories were published to Segfault over a span of slightly over three years.

: OK, I've got it working and not bothering archive.org that much. Looks like about 90% of the stories are in the archive.

Ah, the good old days:

I'm going to start an Internet company. It sounds impressive, but it's really not difficult to do; the question "How do I start an Internet company?" reduces to the question "How do I figure out a way to lose a lot of money very quickly?", and it just so happens that I am an expert on losing money.

--From "Calling All Investors", a 1999 story

: Ok, I recovered 1170 stories and I know that 233 are missing, which means there are 3 stories that my code missed. Odd; more likely my original count was off. Anyway, the stories are mirrored here (caution: 130K list) as a temporary measure, and a list of missing stories is here.

: A very dedicated bowler.

: It would appear that my crons are not being run. I'll have to have a word with someone. The word will be "pickles".

: Yay! New whale!


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