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: I find it amusing that this fellow had the following to say about ZoŽ:

"Don't be put off by the awkwardly phrased manifesto, download it, and try it out."

And I like that the author of ZoŽ used that quote to head up said manifesto. Two defining features of computer geeks are 1) that sort of self-awareness, and 2) that even our awkwardly phrased manifestos are eminently practical.

ZoŽ is a email client. It's also a email server. And a long term archive. And a search engine. And an application server. All that at once on your desktop. Or server. Or both. Or it doesn't matter because client and server are the same.

It's not "Workers of the world, unite!", but the workers of the world have yet to unite, whereas by all accounts ZoŽ is both client and server. (That reminds me, I need to talk about The Star Fraction.)

I had all this in my head yesterday, but it didn't really fit in with the silly in-joke I had for the ZoŽ link so I didn't write it, which is a shame because last night my page was visited by the author of ZoŽ (he uses a stats service which shows up in my referer log); and he probably won't be back to read my equally silly but lengthier analysis. I still haven't tried Zoe, though (it's proprietary and there are warnings about problems running on Linux and in non-IE browsers).

: A Mike-ish way to deny something:

I can neither confirm nor neither confirm nor deny.

: Tonight's Episode: None Dare Call It Murder

: The San Francisco Examiner has gone over to a tabloid layout, in a seeming attempt to showcase their sensationalist tabloid-quality reporting. Tonight's Episode, I mean, Today's Top Story: D.C.'s Death Merchants.

Correction: It's the Examiner, not the Chronicle.

: From Manoj:

[A] decision that is sure to... bring smiles to the face of Internet radio executives nationwide.

Not to mention to the face of ACTUAL DAMN PEOPLE!

: Scientist Creates Hideously Deformed Dinosaur.

Good thing he used wholesome selective breeding techniques instead of evil genetic modification!

: I'm aghast! Daniel Gast wrote me back relatively soon, despite my having waited 1.5 years to answer his email about XFest '89! He points out an error in my etymological note; "Sex Packets" was the name of the album on which "Gutfest '89" appeared, and "Digital Underground" was the name of the band, not vice versa (or verce visa).

: Six arrested over 'Nigerian e-mail' fraud (from Sumana). Does this portend an early end for the scam contest? More importantly, does it portend a much-delayed end to the scam mails themselves? I'm inclined to think not; it seems to work too well not to be imitated like crazy.

: My First Mondegreen: The mother of A. Holloway humorously mistook the title lyric of Interesting Places to Die for "Interesting Places to Dine". I hereby dub this the name of the previously nameless Crummy Restaurant Review recurring feature (examples: 1 2).

My First Filk: Said A. Holloway then went and wrote a filk/parody of IPtD with that title. The lyrics are available for your delectability.

: A rubber ducky update from Susanna:

Mommy really likes her rubber duckies. When we're in the hot tub she goes "oh no! the ducky is going to the filter! hurry catch it!" and etc. And she sings to them. =)

: After a long romance and a lengthy engagement, Adam and Kim are to be married in July! I recently recieved my invitation, addressed to "Mr. Leonard Richardson and Guest". I get to take the anonymous SourceCast user to the wedding! The invitation is hand-made by Kim, and very lovely.

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