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: Sumana says it's time for an Australian to play James Bond. She nominates Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. Crikey, Blofeld! You just pulled a gun on me! I'll have to wrestle you to the ground! "Mr. Bond, this is not how we fight!" Got you now, you little bugger! Now to radio in MI5 to finish the job!

: If you were selling something made of felt, you could jazz it up by calling it "genuine Muppethide".

: With the amazing turnaround of one who subscribes to the nonexistent NYCB RSS feed, Sean Neakums writes:

I'm pretty sure George Lazenby was Australian.

As Glenn Reynolds would say, he's right. However, the "No True Australian" fallacy may apply here; when was the last time you saw George Lazenby utter archaic Cockney colloquialisms and wrestle a twelve-foot croc? Apart from in Twin Sitters, I mean.

: Regular readers know that I have an obsession with modifying nouns with themselves. It's less commonly known that I have a similar obsession with using output as input. It all started when I first learned about flip-flops. I thought... "Wait a minute! I could do this... to everything! Ah ha ha ha ha!

If I were a package in Debian GNU/Linux, my package name would be:


What's yours?

I think this could be the next Babelfish.

: Annoying things #3007: Java uses instanceOf, but Inform uses ofclass.


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