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: Disingenuous or Delusional? From the News.com review of Mozilla:

A word of warning, though; this function doesn't discriminate, so it may disable pop-ups you actually want to see, such as the video pop-ups on the News.com front door.

: I was sorely tempted to title that entry Disingenuous, Delusional, or Deity?, but the Trilemma really wasn't relevant.

: Time for some old-school DSR:

: Craig Newmark of Craig's List, plaintiff in the EFF's newly-filed lawsuit:

"I want to give my nephews and nieces a break from the rampant consumerism on TV by using ReplayTV's commercial skipping feature."

Hey, I've got an idea: how about not having them watch the damn TV? If you dislike rampant consumerism, the answer is not to purchase a specialized device for editing it out.

: "Speaking at the World Pork Expo, Bush called for greater farm subsidies and construction of inland military bases in key districts."

: From Adam's top-secret email:

the permutations are endless!
(actually there's only 3! of them)

: Not to toot my own horn, but I said something funny today.

: I put up two new songs (mp3 and ogg): Doob Doob, a silly a capella piece which has been around for a while (cf); and my new favorite song, which I just wrote, Attack Of The Good Ol' Boys From Planet Honky-Tonk (cf). Enjoy.


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