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: Zack claims that you do get okonomiyaki instead of pancakes when you're a Nethack samurai. But how do you explain this? And also that the source code never mentions okonomiyaki? But then how do you explain how both Zack and I thought this was the case, even though I'd never heard of okonomiyaki before? The answer is clear: we have been abducted by sinister extraterrestrials from beyond Dimension X and forced to play Future Versions Of Nethack!

[nb. from objnam.c, version 3.4.0; it's possible that okonomiyaki were present in an earlier version and removed, but to my knowledge this would be the first time a non-exploitable feature was ever removed from Nethack:]

STATIC_OVL struct Jitem Japanese_items[] = {
        { SHORT_SWORD, "wakizashi" },
        { BROADSWORD, "ninja-to" },
        { FLAIL, "nunchaku" },
        { GLAIVE, "naginata" },
        { LOCK_PICK, "osaku" },
        { WOODEN_HARP, "koto" },
        { KNIFE, "shito" },
        { PLATE_MAIL, "tanko" },
        { HELMET, "kabuto" },
        { LEATHER_GLOVES, "yugake" },
        { FOOD_RATION, "gunyoki" },
        { POT_BOOZE, "sake" },
        {0, "" }

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