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: Enjoy the Python Cookbook , including the Borg design pattern.

: Hm...

"Cephalopods have no gas-filled sac, so they have no way to make that type of noise," he said.


"They made these strange noises like a dolphin or a seal as they were dying."

: There's the Angband comic, previously mentioned here, and there's also a Nethack comic (well, one based on Nethack, anyhow). It's not as funny as the Angband comic, and it hasn't been updated for a couple months, but unlike the Angband comic it is actually text-based, and it has some funny moments:

Waltraute wields a long sword! The long sword slips from her hands!
@: Damn you fried food! First you ruin my girlish figure, then you make me helpless!

: I wrote a labor-saving device I'd been meaning to write for a while, which breaks my long streak of not writing code except for work. Hopefully my burnout is subsiding, and soon I'll be interested in working on my game again.

: DSC:

: Leonardonics backlog clearing-out: X Sense... tingling!, Seth David Schoen, The original x, x brand y. Four more on the way.

: In other long-neglected Crummy feature news: Tonight's Episode will return tomorrow morning, with Jason's 14-part series The Jury Did It.

: Time for some Murphy-style "laws" which for some reason writing them makes me think it's the mid-90s and there's nothing better on the Web than lists of Murphy-style "laws".


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