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: Doomed, geek-pandering movie title: Inode What You Did Last Summer

: Funny Manoj commit message:

This isn't windows. You don't shut down with "start"

: Mozilla Icon or Elephant? First (And Last) In A Series

False-Trillema name for this series: Picture, Pachyderm, or Providence?

: Jakey B is back, and he presents a fiendish plan indeed for a joint Leonard/Jake venture to destroy the market for gross-out candy. My fear is that, like the art world with Duchamp's readymades, the market will merely assimilate our product and use it to accelerate its spiral into depravity.

: They Said It Couldn't Be Done Search Requests: listening to metallica's songs using winzip

: Single most audacious claim made ever by a spam: LOSE 80LBS IN A WEEK? The answer is no (unless you contract Ebola or something).

: Jason Robbins, whose Tonight's Episodes are merely one tank in the armored divison that is his arsenal of heuristics for formalizing comedy, came up a while ago with the idea that in the next Austin Powers movie, there should be a "Micro-Me" character the size of an action figure. You see where this is going: a "Nano-Me" villan capable of being injected into Austin's bloodstream, a huge Mechagodzilla-like "Mega-Me" robot which Dr. Evil directs à la Dr. Wily, etc. Eventually it would fall apart and stop being funny with "Meta-Me".


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