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Picture Bonanza: I think I may start overdoing the title thing. If so, stop me after I strike again. Anyway, I put up over 200 new pictures of the Fourth of July weekend, my mother's neighbor's awesome pet tortoise, the Stone-Kaplan wedding, me being sick at my birthday party [0], Sumana moving out of her old apartment, the mega whale watch, and our post-whale-watch driving break along the Pacific Coast Highway. Since most of my readers have probably never driven along the PCH (?), I felt obligated to capture its raw beauty for you.

My picks: Frank Chu-esque "Totally Superior Product", Don't Mess With Tortoise, kiss, Sumana and her Kidde, whale, whales, dolphin, beach, tidepool (that last one is > 200K).

[0] 'being sick' is used here in the imperfective. There was not one particular occasion on which I was sick during my party (that happened during Adam's wedding); rather, the party took place while I was sick.

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